Firefox add-ons

Last Updated: 2015-04-12

Update: µblock is the new AdBlockPlus.


This short post is just a quick collection of useful firefox add-ons for a more comfortable and privacy enhanced websurfing...


AdBlockPlus with e.g. these filters: EasyList Germany+EasyList (these are all "subscribe to"-links!) or Fanboy Adblock List with his Fanboy Privacy List.

BetterPrivacy (for blocking flash cookies, i.e. local shared objects - so called long term cookies).

Ghostery for displaying and more importing also blocking tracking services.

Greasymonkey - probably one of the most convenience enhancing add-ons out there: customize more or less any webpage with a userscript.

Another add-on that's quite useful is some kind of gesture app, e.g. FireGestures.

For web developing and debugging: Web Developer and Firebug.

For easily translating (parts of) a website: Quick Translator - uses google translate.

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